Understand the fact that an artist must get verified on Spotify. It is not just a blue tick beside your profile. After you receive the Spotify verification, you will see so many open doors, and you can enter the music industry to expand your music career.
This article will discuss some basic knowledge to get verified on Spotify and make sure to read the complete guide for your own benefit.
It is vital to have a verified Spotify artist page for yourself
The first thing an artist should do is to release the created music by himself. If you are an artist, and you haven’t released your track on Spotify yet, you are doing a disservice to yourself. Know that it doesn’t matter if you have zero followers in your account right now because you will eventually gain followers there, but to get verified. First, you need to post your tracks on Spotify. After releasing your track, you are allowed to apply for the verification process.
Now, if you are thinking about the future, know that you can get a large number of followers, streams, and fame as well in this platform by being on the right path. In case you don’t want to wait longer, you always have the option to buy real spotify plays. But that will only work after you get a verified page on Spotify.
Why is a verified page needed?
1. After having a verified page, you can share your playlist with your followers with a single click.
2. You will have the power to update your fan base whenever you have something new to share on this platform.
3. You can edit and update your artist biography on Spotify, and it will attract more fan base to your profile.