What is Fire Watch Guards? Fire watch guard services are on-site protective functions performed by specially designated guards. Services typically consist of:
These specially designated security services are employed for a number of purposes. Some are employed to monitor and control the fire hazards in buildings, such as the use of electrical power. Other duties may be in the maintenance of premises, or equipment utilized in the operation of businesses and institutions. The latter, including such activities as maintenance of the building’s electrical system and repairing firewalls, are frequently handled by patrol guards. Fire watch guards may also be employed to protect certain sensitive information or materials from harm.

When should a business utilize fire watch guards? These guards can be very useful to check for signs of possible fire hazards. Often, these alerts can provide a crucial early warning for employees, as well as for building managers and maintenance workers. A guard’s existence can also prove invaluable to emergency personnel, as well as to members of the public, who may require evacuation during an emergency situation. In addition, such a guard may be useful in maintaining order within a building, as well as in the prevention of a building’s fire hazards from escalating.
As previously mentioned, fire watch guards are often employed by businesses and other establishments to monitor fire hazards in a building. While they perform these duties, the public is rarely notified of their presence. This is because many states require businesses to contract with the local fire department to provide notification of such hazards.
However, there is a significant exception to this rule. If you choose to hire security guards that are employed directly by the local fire department, you will be adhering to one of the most important pieces of state law. According to this part of law, business owners and operators are required to inform the department when their employees are participating in activities that are deemed “unauthorized,” which usually involves allowing a trained and certified fire officer to check the structure for potential fire hazards. Fast fire watch guards that are employed directly by the local fire department are also required to wear badges issued by the department, which contain their name, contact information, and a photograph of the guard at the time of his or her service.
However, it should be noted that these requirements often differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. That is why it is important to do some research before choosing a company to hire for your business’s fire watch guards. In addition, fire watch guards should not be confused with fire safety officers, which are often tasked with investigating suspicious activities that could result in harm coming to others. As always, it is recommended that business owners take the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone who is present on their premises. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your employees receive the best care while you are working on something as important as running your business.