Fire Watch Guards are designed to protect critical fire infrastructure and personnel, as well as to minimise the risks of loss of life and damage to buildings and property. These systems are designed to control the risk of fire spreading and to minimise the risk of damage to non-fire fighting infrastructure.

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These systems can provide an essential service for public safety and can help to save lives and reduce losses of business and property. However, if a fire is to break out and a fire guard is not immediately on hand to attend and help manage the fire, then this may not only lead to a more serious incident taking place, but also cause further loss of life.
Fire watch guards must be on site to protect the immediate area and ensure the fire alarm is working. In these instances, fire watch guards are expected to be available, including the emergency services available from a reputable, professional guard company like Fire Watch Guards. This will ensure the protection of people, property and critical infrastructure around the clock, and this level of service will be unique to only a trained and qualified fire guard patrol.
When a fire watch guard is on-site, the patrol will perform regular patrol duties in order to detect any unusual activity, suspicious smoke or fire and any suspicious person. They may visit premises on-site or liaise with the premises owner to establish what action needs to be taken. Once on-site, the guard will monitor the main door and all main entries and exits, all of the surrounding areas and all possible entry and exit points. They will also conduct a regular visual inspection of the area, noting factors that could increase the likelihood of a fire occurring and factors which may help to prevent it occurring. If a fire does break out, the fire guard will have an allocated duty of care to attend and help people evacuate the building.
Many fire departments across the country now have on-going specialist training in order to be able to hire Watch Guards and provide them with excellent on-site fire watch guards. The advantages of hiring an experienced and qualified fire watch guard are numerous, not least because on-site guards can be immediately deployed to combat any incident. By making the decision to hire a professional on-site guard, you will guarantee that your premises will be protected at all times. In addition to the added level of safety, there are several other benefits to hiring professional on-site guards. Below is just a few of the benefits you can get when you hire professional, on-site fire watch guards.
First of all, you will never have to worry about the hazards or risks of ‘floods’ or ‘tectonics’. Fire watch guards will be trained to deal with all types of emergencies and extreme situations and will have the necessary equipment to tackle any problem they come across, whether it is a building collapsing, a fuel leak or a person slipping through a broken window. This will allow you to relax and go about your daily business without having to worry about being caught out by a potentially devastating fire. You will be given the full assurance that your property is safe and secure at all times, allowing you to concentrate on running your business as usual.
Also, fire watch guards will be fully equipped to undertake all assignments. Along with their duty to protect public areas, many will also carry a shotgun and other high-powered weapons. Therefore, should a crime occur in your establishment, the first responder will be able to deal with the situation. Fire watch guards will also have a high-quality set of training equipment including specialised fire gear and safety glasses. This ensures that they will always know exactly what to do in any emergency situation and will not be distracted by other issues. So, when you hire professional, high-performance patrol guards, you will ensure the security of your property and ensure that you staff and visitors remain safe.