Singapore is an island nation located in Southeast Asia, bordered by the maritime resources of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, China and a small group of islands. It has always attracted people from around the globe because of its peaceful climate, great food, good education, healthcare and a moderate social climate. There are many jobs in Singapore waiting for you. This multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country offers jobs that pay well and provide a comfortable living to its workers.

A new wave of jobs in singapore has come up. These jobs in Singapore have been created to meet the demands of the incoming people. The influx of large numbers of foreign workers has caused a huge surge in demand for jobs in Singapore. Companies are taking advantage of this booming market to add to their manpower supply. They are recruiting from all over the world – especially from southern Asian countries like India and Malaysia.
One of the most popular jobs in Singapore is telecommunication jobs. Companies have increased the demand for these professionals because they are highly skilled and can work with other people of varying cultures and backgrounds. This makes them perfect for multi-cultural society.
Another job gaining popularity among the working population is that of a financial advisor. This is due to the increasing number of multinational companies setting up base in Singapore. The need for financial advisers is also increasing because of the growing number of mal-investment cases being filed by banks. These cases can be attributed to excessive Singaporean investment. Because of the lack of policies regarding these cases, Singaporean citizens are being hit hard. Therefore, the demand for financial advisors is also increasing.
Some of the more obscure jobs in Singapore include positions in the military and government. These positions require a lot of hard work and patience. Military personnel are required to be stationed at a specific location and serve in defense facilities and other assignments. While in government, the top priority of the government sector is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Thus, these jobs are found less in the private sector here. These jobs include those working for government intelligence agencies like the Mistrya Unit or the Internal Revenue Service or other law enforcement bodies.
Jobs in Singapore are also diverse in nature. There is a huge need for nurses in the country. Though the cost of living is relatively higher than other countries, this is balanced out by the health benefits that one enjoys from working in Singapore. There are many medical institutions here and the hospitals are world-class. To work as a nurse in any of the reputable hospitals in Singapore, you will have to enroll yourself in any of the accredited nursing schools.