A mentor is someone who guides a person in order to help that person achieve or unravel his or her full potential. And if you happen to be Jewish and living in Kosher Travel, you’re in luck! There are many jewish mentor programs in LAthat offer guidance and assistance to children or ‘mentees’ to explore new avenues or excel in the existing ones.

How they operate
These mentor programs enroll a number of strategic thinkers over the age of twenty-one and train them in order to always act and decide in favor of the best course of development for the child. These mentors are very well-investigated, with detailed background checks to ensure top-notch mentorship. These mentors are then matched with a child who is also enrolled in the program, according to the match in interests, personalities and even needs, by the professionals of the organization.
Having a mentor is like having a guardian angel if used right. It is a very helpful tool for those who can make it out to be. Studies show that children who were part of these mentor-mentee programs showed better interaction at school and otherwise, showed better self-esteem and were more self-assured. They also showed greater empathy for others and more community feeling than the children who did not enroll in such programs. The risk of the child engaging in dangerous and risky behavior is also greatly reduced due to these programs.
Enrolling your child in a Jewish Business Directory is like investing in a better future for your child, in which his personality development is excellently done and complete. It helps build confidence and to face problems bravely and get them sorted out. Especially because there are community-based mentorKosher Travel, the child grows up in a more familiar environment where the values and principles are common to a large extent.