A video sales letter or VSL as short for videophone sales letter is a technique used to sell clients on your product or service via the use of video. Video sales letters replace hardcopy sales copy with an automated video that can reach target clients with the ease of a video presentation. While the initial cost might seem high, you will be surprised at the results you receive from investing in this marketing tool. There are many advantages to implementing the use of videos in marketing and some of these include:

You get started instantly. Most people hate to wait on a line. When you create a video sales letter, you will be able to provide information right off the bat, allowing you to get started immediately with your prospective client. Because you can get started immediately, you are more likely to create a good first impression and be memorable to your audience. People like change and when they see that you are willing to provide a change you get started immediately and have the opportunity to build trust.
Your message is crystal clear. When you add a video to your letter, the audience can clearly get the message you are trying to say vs. hardcopy vs. voice. The video also allows the audience to see how you look so you have a much better impact when speaking to a roomful of people.
You don’t need to have a great sales background to make it in this industry. While most people think video sales letters require a great deal of experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Once you learn the proven formula you can create successful campaigns even if you have little experience with marketing your business.
You will save money. It’s true that you are going to have to pay for your video and you may have to take some creative license to do so. However, if you compare what you would spend on traditional methods of selling with the results you can expect, the money you save using video sales letters is significant. Plus, there are many more leads being generated using this method than with traditional methods. The real key is making sure you reach your target audience. Once you learn the proven formula you will be able to identify who your target audience is and create a video campaign that brings in plenty of qualified prospects.
If you haven’t used video sales letter software, you are missing out on an opportunity to improve the way you are marketing your business. You can get started now and learn the formula that has worked for others. Once you have the secret to getting started, you can start using it to launch sales campaigns that result in conversions. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make in your business. Learn more about how to use video to get started with your own business. It could change the way you do business forever.