An FP Markets Review could expose you to a brokerage that allows you to trade with forex, crypto, and stocks at once. Let us discuss these trading methods in brief.

Popular types of trading
Forex trading – You can also trade with currencies across the world. Instead of buying an asset, you would trade with speculation in a forex trade. For instance, you will predict the rise or fall in the value of a foreign currency and place your money agreed upon for a specific duration. Your counterpart would say the opposite of your decision. If the price goes to what you said at the end of the duration, you will make profits.
Cryptocurrency trading – In this trading method, the element you trade on would be the cryptocurrency. You can choose any of the cryptocurrencies available out there and speculate on their price movements in the future. There will also be some trading platforms specialized for crypto trading where you can buy and sell crypto coins directly. Since the demand for cryptos is rising, you can see great fluctuations in this market.
Share trading – Each public company would have its shares distributed to the public investors for buying and selling. You can find these companies and their shares listed on the stock exchanges of your country with the help of a brokerage platform. You will get to see the price of the shares deviating with time due to a lot of factors. If you decide to buy a share of the price of $10, you would have to pay it to get one. So, you own a part of the company that is worth $10 at the moment. If the price goes up in the future, you can sell the shares for a profit.