Have the authentic Italian cultural experience
People come to Italy for all sorts of things, the wines and vineyards are still the primary ones. Montemaggio is made to curate the wine from start to finish. It is made to offer the most authentic and cultural experience of Italian life. There is a large collection of wines that are made to curate the palate of all the taste buds.
The summer of Italian landscapes
There is also special customization of the wine for summer. The special Italian wine is made out of grappa and olive oil which is blended to make it to the taste of summer in Italian landscapes.
The cold press method of extraction
The extraction of the organic vegetables is done with the cold press method. Under this process, the extraction is done in a way that preserves all the taste and aroma of the olives and other vegetables involved.
Wine curating process
Each wine is carefully curated to make sure that the authentic Italian experience is maintained. These are culturally important to the Italian people. They stay true to their territorial limits.
Experience of a lifetime
Visiting the vineyard helps in experiencing the authentic culture of Italy. They use all the organic and high-quality products to make sure that the user has a distinct experience of sorts.
The beauty of landscape views
Moreover, the views of the organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) hills in the background helps to make the experience more memorable. People come here for all kinds of wine tasting and they get several experiences. Montemaggio gives an experience that is true to its territory for the people visiting the site.