The Crime Scene Response Team, or CRT, is a special constabulary unit that is stationed on the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise. This is their area of operation. CRT teams are comprised of a highly trained, specialist and qualified team of officers who respond to all types of incidents involving the police and the community. If you’ve seen any of the TV programs regarding Crime Watch, this is where the CRT is located. However, there are times when the Crime Scene Response Team is not located on the Gold Coast, such as in Brisbane, New South Wales or Melbourne.

The Crime Scene Response Team is charged with the responsibility of protecting the area and people who live around it. They do this by gathering information and evidence that can help with future investigations. For example, if a crime has been committed, they may collect samples from the scene, interview witnesses, gather forensic evidence and collect anything else of significance. These experts are also responsible for clearing any crime scene of evidence and cleaning it up afterward.
There are two primary roles that the CRT is required to fill while on duty at the Crime Scene Response Team. The first is to maintain communication with the public and the media about the Crime Scene. The second is to ensure the safety of the general public and law enforcement officials in the area. This includes ensuring traffic flows, ensuring safe entry and exit of buildings and roads and warning the public of any impending danger. Additionally, they also inspect crime scene sites for damage and clean up.
As part of their regular duty hours, the CRT is required to respond to an incident as soon as it happens. Depending on the nature of the incident, the response team will move to one of several locations within the vicinity of the incident. In most cases, they will then radio dispatch and provide an update to the command centre. The Crime Scene Response Team also has the authority to enter any premises that they are legally permitted to enter. In addition, they have the authority to regulate the evacuation of the area.
With regards to the crimsafe gold coast climate, it can be quite cold in the winter months and quite hot in the summer. The best times to visit the coast are from October to March. If you are planning a holiday around the Gold Coast, then it is advisable to get a hotel that is located on the coast so that you can be sheltered from the elements. Hotels can sometimes be booked up during the busy season, so if you are considering staying in a hotel on the Gold Coast, then make sure you do some research to ensure you get the place that suits your needs the best. After all, the Police, emergency services and Gold Coast airport also rely on your continued patronage.
In the event that you are involved in an accident while on duty with the Police, the CRT will take you to hospital. If you need to be transported to a hospital in another vehicle or even by yourself, then the Police will transport you there. In the event of a serious injury, you will be treated by the relevant hospital. Once you have recovered, the Police will take you to the Police Station to sign-up for your official police card.