As soon as we post a picture on Instagram, it is very typical that we keep checking our phones again and again to see the number of likes we have got. However, we fail to realize that this was not always normal.

Why is it that we get so addicted to the numbers of likes we get on instagram marketing agencies? Why do we associate our self-esteem and confidence with likes? Why is it that we cannot start or end our days without checking Instagram? Probably not our fault. These apps are designed in a way that gets us addicted. These companies employ psychologists to study human behavior and reactions and then use it against us to hook to it 24*7. You can check for various ways to buy instant Instagram ad agency .

Unproductivity and Eating disorders
• Instagram is a business, and to increase its consumers, it puts in a lot of research. When we use Instagram, all of our senses get involved in it, and then it is just hard to focus on anything else.
• While watching reels or videos on Instagram, it is difficult to keep track of time. We keep on watching things without realizing that it adds no value to our lives.
• While doing so, we also forget that we haven’t eaten anything, and of course, we start comparing ourselves with models setting unrealistic body standards. We starve ourselves and go on unhealthy fad diets to look a certain way. We have this unnecessary urge to be accepted by everyone because Instagram likes to spread the epidemic of ‘getting liked.’
Has my life become virtual? The answer to these questions will always be no. And we need to continually remind ourselves of that rather than becoming a part of this never bursting Instagram like a bubble. We need to set boundaries, and we need to understand that this is just marketing, and we need to realize that life is much more than few likes on our posts.