Many people think that a fire watch guard has a different job than a regular guard. While the responsibilities of these guards may differ from place to place, there are still some basic tasks that all Fire Watch Guards perform on their daily assignments. One of these basic tasks is to keep a detailed log book, this is required by your local fire marshal. The log book records every activity that happens during a fire fight. This can include such things as where everything began, where all exits were located and if there was a prescribed evacuation order.
Another basic job for a fire watch guard is to ensure that all personnel, from the fire fighters and EMTs down to the firefighters are following proper safety procedures when fighting any fire. This is done by making sure that everyone has their proper ID and gear on at all times. A fire watch guard is also in charge of making sure that nothing gets out of the building or grounds during a fire. This includes cleaning up all excess paper and other materials that may have burned or fell due to fire. If a fire watch guard sees something he suspects is out of compliance with regulations and does not report it, he or she may be fired.
The job of a fire watch guard is to monitor the installation and use of emergency exit stairways and equipment. As well as monitoring the use of hose reels and fire extinguishers. The fire watch guard is also responsible for calling the fire department with any problems that he or she notices. When a building experiences a fire, it usually requires several trucks to put out the fire. As well as the amount of water that must be put into the building in order to extinguish the fire.
Most fire guards are required to be licensed by the local or state fire department. This will usually mean that you have to pass some sort of test to qualify for the position. They should also go through a training program and attend classes regarding fire safety. These are just a few of the reasons why people choose to hire a fire guard rather than an employee of the building. There are also several different types of fire watches, depending on whether you are working in a store, office building, warehouse, school, church, public building, or other building.
Some people may have the idea that a fire guard might not always be able to come during a fire. However, in most places fire departments are well equipped to deal with emergencies. They can also help people trapped inside the building to get out safely. A fire guard may also be asked to stay on duty if a fire occurs on a school campus.
If you are looking to become a fire guard, you should contact your local fire department. They will have the information that you need to know about getting this exciting career. If you are accepted, you will likely have to do a background check and probably take some training courses to help you along the way. Then you can put your skills to use helping people avoid fires and protect the general public.